Indian Guides & Princesses

Algonquin Longhouse INC., NFP

Program Benefits

  • Build great memories to last TWO lifetimes
  • Our children form new friendships
  • Parents build new friendships through networking
  • The program teaches team work and morals
  • Nature and the native American culture is learned
  • Enjoy: Camping, camp fires, canoeing, exploring, sledding, rock climbing, games and crafts
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Member Testimonials

"I was an Indian Guide as a child and remember the times I spent with my father vividly.  When my son turned five, I signed him up right away.  The last four years have been fabulous.  I hope my son has the chance to be the "big brave" when he has kids of his own." -- Ken N

"My daughter and I joined when she was in 1st grade.  The next year her older brother insisted he join so that he could go to the museum lock-ins.  All of the outings, sleepovers, and campouts were so easy to do.  We just showed up, did fun stuff and spent time together.  Now that they are in their mid-teens, I am very grateful for all those times we spent together.  We are lucky to have found the Indian Guides & Princesses." -- Alan B

"From the friendships we have made, the experienes we have shared, and the time we have spent together, my 10 years in the program have provided lifelong memories for my four daughters and I." -- Kevin G

"I had the pleasure of taking part in this program for over 11 years through 1 daughter and 2 sons.  The four of us will have memoriess for the rest of our lives.  I can't recommend this program enough!" -- Scott B

"The Indian princess/guides program provides an opportunity for father and daughter (father and son) to connect in a way that no other experience can provide.  I did it with my Dad and it's the gift of a lifetime of memories that I'm giving back to my kids. -- Tim A

How is our program unique?

  • Affordable:
    Only pay for events you can participate in
  • Flexible:
    Both parent and child can fit most of the events in
  • Enjoyable:
    Both parent and child are involved and have bonding experiences


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