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Keep in mind the 5 W's (Who, What, Where, Why, When) are you are gathering your information regarding the event you want to promote. This is typically the information you will include in the emails you send out to promote each event.

 Who:– Who is your intended Audience (Entire Fed/Guides/Princesses/Trails/Specific Nation)?

 What:– Event's intended audience (Fed or Nation – Boys, Girls, Trails)?
– Event type (Campout, Parade, Overnight, 
– Is there an external website where we can link to for details (location/map/hours of operation, etc.) 
– What do they need to bring?

 Where: – Name of location
– Address of event
– Designated meeting location(s)
– Booth # or position # in parade 

 Why:– Why are we participating in this event (Fed or Nation event/Public
– Will participants earn a Bear Claw, Feather, or Bead?

 When:– Date(s)/Time of event

Who: Who is your intended Audience (Entire Fed/Guides/Princesses/Trails)
What: What is the event
Where: Where will the event take place?